Hawk Edit

Hawk Edit

During an Autumn "adventure," I came across a hawk sitting on an old wooden fence post. Every time I tried to get out of my SUV to take his photo, he would get nervous and I was afraid he would fly away. So, I had to oddly position myself to photograph him through my open driver-side window. Every time I inched closer to him for a better shot, he would leap to the next post. This went on for a few minutes, as my tires crackled rocks beneath them from the dirt road, while I winced trying to keep as quiet as possible. Eventually, he had enough of me and flew across the road and up into the hills, surprising me with his great wingspan.

Because of the awkwardness of my angle in trying to get the shots, I ended up liking the sharpness of a photo that didn't include the fence. So, I swapped out just the birds and finished the edit off with a sky replacement. See the "Before/After" of the edit in the video below. To see more of this collection, click the "view project" link.



Personal Project


15 August 2020


Animal, Video

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