Mama Horse and Colt

Mama Horse and Colt

An artistic edit of a mother horse and baby colt standing together in a field. I came across these two on a drive through the country in the Autumn of 2020, while searching for a herd of sheep that someone told me about. Besides the pandemic, most of the west coast had been on fire from Summer into the Autumn months. Here in Idaho, we had our own fires happening, but much of the smoke was being blown up north from California. The days were hazy and full of smoke that settled on mountain tops, creating a magnificent opportunity for photography...however, terrible for those with respiratory conditions,

I decided not to capitilize on the surrounding smoke for this image. Instead, I opted for an artistic canvas-feel that focused on just the two horses. See my before/after video of the edit below. Click on "view project" to see more images in this collection.




Personal Project


15 August 2020


Animal, Video

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