Editing Collab

Editing Collab

I had the opportunity to work on a fun project in May 2020. Darlene (@deejayemm30) and Chris (@bugsandyellowrugs) are photographers who have created a unique Instagram project together called: @splitdown.themiddle. They use their original photographs and invite two different photographers to edit a photo that they then "Split Down the Middle" to show how each photographer edited the photo. It's a neat concept and cool collaboration project. I had so much fun participating! Thank you, Chris and Darlene!

Below is the original photo taken by Chris Guillet. Above is my edit. And, below the original is the final "spilt" with the right side being edited by @cyndie.smith.

Check out their page by clicking the link above. Also, check out individual photographer Instagram profiles from the links above. To see more from Studio KampOC on Instagram, click here.


Darlene & Chris


19 May 2020


Rurex, Art

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