The Harkness fire in 2003 burned over 4,000 acres near McCammon, Idaho. It left a mountainside of sagebrush and trees that died where they stood. Today, the area is still trying to recover, with some new growth. I drive by this area almost weekly. I often get an eerie feeling seeing the charred remains of the trees covering the mountainside. In some ways, it looks cool and interesting. However, the devastation to the wildlife from the fire is a tragedy. Luckily, no one was injured in this fire and no structures were lost.

In October 2019, I decided to stop and take a few photos of the area affected by the fire. It was a cloudy day. And, in a couple of photos, the clouds over the mountaintops almost look like smoke from a fire. I combined from earlier photos I've taken in McCammon, and decided to create an ongoing collection for this town.


Personal Project


01 October 2019



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