New Composite:

New Composite: "The Birds"

"No one is free, even the birds are chained to the sky." - Bob Dylan

I just added a new composite to the Digital/Creative Collection. Although the original photograph was taken in November 2018 (you might need to scroll the gallery to see it, as it's ordered by "date taken"), it took a while to complete and was published to my Instagram gallery on May 7, 2019. I scrapped it several times, left it alone, came back to it...and finally settled on this composite of the original. The image features my son, Will, standing surrounded by hundreds of birds....their movement creating dust clouds.

The original image features him standing on a dock, overlooking a frozen lake. Although a nice photo, I took it with something like this in mind. I'll eventually post it to my "Before and After" section of my blog. Be sure to subscribe for updates. Also, follow me on Instagram for my latest photos (@studiokampoc).

Thank you for taking a look!


Personal Project


09 May 2019



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