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    "Thank you for sharing my work with your audiences. I appreciate the support, from the bottom of my heart." - Rhonda Ravenkamp


  • Current Ad - July/August 2019

  • Free Giveaway Winners!!

    I want to thank everyone who took the time to enter this giveaway and promote my business. And,

  • Free Photo Session Giveaway!!

    FREE Photo Session giveaway!!!


  • Introducing Studio KampOC Loyalty Rewards

    A new loyalty rewards program feature has just been added to client accounts. With Studio KampOC Loyalty Rewards, registered users of this site can now receive points for purchases, inviting friends, interacting an social media and entering

  • June Darkroom Discount

    Did you know that I offer fine art prints on Darkroom? Before this website was finished, I had a gallery of prints on Darkroom. Once I finished this site, I decided to keep the gallery there for more exposure. Today I decided to clean it up a

  • June Week 2 Discount Codes

    Below are links and discount codes for the month of June 2019

  • New Website Features

    The Gemini in me who is rarely satisfied, decided to start tinkering again... What started out as an upgrade to my cart system, turned into weeks-long website changes and upgrades. I think I'm "mostly" finished now...mostly. And, I say that

  • Stolen Images

    Ok, maybe this article's image is a tad bit of an overreaction, but...

  • We're Back!

    Covid-19 Update

    I am very pleased to announce that Studio KampOC will be opening back up for in-person business beginning on June 8, 2020. We will be taking measures to adhere to protocols and guidelines set in place

  • What's in my bag?

    I pride myself on being the ultimate researcher. I research EVERYTHING, not just purchases. Unfortunately, this can be very exhausting...not just for me, but for the people in my life. "Just buy it!" - A term I've heard more times than I can

  • What's New: Fall 2019

    I haven't posted to the blog in a while, so I thought I would share with you some of the things that have been happening here at Studio KampOC. If you follow me on Facebook, you may have noticed a recent post talking about the new gallery


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