• Alexander Reservoir is a man-made waterway, just west of Soda Springs, Idaho. The Bear River dumps into this reservoir, and a dam located further west, generates power for the small town from the water collected. More than just a recreational

  • Bancroft, Idaho is a little railroad town in Caribou County with only 377 residents. It was informally named after W. H. Bancroft the President and General Manager of the Oregon Short Line rail road company in 1892. Official designation as

  • Here we are with the wild flowers rising from the earth, looking to the casual eye as weeds until they bloom. Who pays attention to their chaotic stems that twist in the joy of new life until they wear colours as bold as any festival dive? Then

  • Nearly 200 years ago, American indians, fur trappers and thirsty pioneers traveling along the Oregon Trail, had already discovered the unique bubbling springs around the area of what is now know as Soda Springs, Idaho. It was praised for it's

  • Lava Hot Springs is a small tourist town in southeastern Idaho, with a population of about 400 year-round residents. Tourists flock from all over the country and Canada (mostly during Summer), to visit it's many attractions. Lava (as the locals

  • McCammon, Idaho is a small truck stop town in Bannock County with approximately 600 people, located where I-15 and US-30 meet. It got it's name from former Assistant US Attorney General Joseph K. McCammon when he signed a treaty with Shoshone

  • Ah, road trips...one of my favorite things. There's so many interesting things to discover. Whether I'm driving or not, I spend the time looking around. I also circle back a lot, or stop along the road to take pictures. Have you ever noticed

  • Soda Springs is a small rural town in southeast Idaho. With a population of around 3000 residents, Soda Springs is the largest of 3 towns in Caribou County and holds the county seat. The city is named for the hundreds of natural springs of

  • Fun Fact: Twin Falls, Idaho became the center of national attention 45 years ago in September 1974, when daredevil Evel Knievel attempted to jump the Snake River Canyon in a specially modified rocket cycle. Watched by millions on closed-circuit

  • “The summer sun was not meant for boys like me. Boys like me belonged to the rain.”

     A collection of photos of my son, Will (ages 6-12).

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  • A gallery for my son...the teenage years.

    “We underestimate teenagers at our peril. Even the dismissive thing out on the street--look at what they're wearing. Then we'll hear stories about how a toddler fell on the tracks, and it's often


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