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It's been a couple of months since the last "Before and After" post. Things have been so busy, but I've been wanting to post something on my website and Instagram showing some editing. This time, I'm going to try some sliders. And, hopefully, they will display on mobile devices the same as they display on PC/Mac (as so many of my visitors are using mobile displays). *Just click the middle of a photo and slide to the left or right to reveal the entire picture.

This first one was a recent photo taken in Old Town Pocatello, ID. I took my son and his friend for a little "walkabout" to take some city photos. When I passed by this scene, I thought to myself, "This would look cool if it was night...with the street lamps lit." Unfortunately, it was mid-day and I couldn't wait around until night. Although over-cast, the original photo is just an ordinary and boring day photo. The "after" gives you an idea of how we can simulate night scenes and give those shots that we would normally toss, an interesting look.


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