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Q – Where are you located?

I am located in Soda Springs, ID. (Southeast Idaho)

Q – Will you travel?

Absolutely. I love to travel. Contact me for travel inquiries and rates.

Q – What photography do you specialize in?

I love doing landscape art and creative portraits. For portraits, I photograph a lot of people of all different ages. I do consider myself more of a natural light photographer and try to shoot outside, when possible... but will use artificial lighting while working in my studio.

Q – What equipment do you use?

Right now, I'm using a Canon 70D camera. I have many different lenses that I use (depending on the subject). To view some of my equipment, see "What's In My Bag?" linked on the homepage.

Q – Where do your photo sessions take place?

There are a variety of locations in or around the Southeastern Idaho area that I like to use. Location is determined by several different factors such as who will be a part of the session and their age, the time of year, and of course; client preference. Newborn sessions take place in studio or in the clients home.

Q – Do you shoot weddings?

I love to shoot weddings. Weddings require a lot of time so I am only able to shoot a limited amount of weddings per year.

Q – What if a session needs to be rescheduled due to illness, injury, or inclement weather?

I have children so I know that accidents occur or that illnesses can happen unexpectedly. I require a 24-hour notice for cancellations and a 2-hour notice for rescheduling. I will happily accommodate any schedule changes at my earliest convenience. In extreme circumstances, I will refund the session fee in its entirety. Weather is beyond my control but if by chance, a session needs to be canceled, I will reschedule the session as soon as possible.

Q – Do I have to sign a contract and pay the session fee upfront?

A contract and model release is required. The contract is a simple agreement between you and I which outlines what our expectations of one another. Sessions are secured through Square with a credit card (for the security of both parties). Your credit card will be charged during the session. If, by chance, a 24-hour notice was not given to cancel your session, your credit card will be subject to a $50 non-refundable fee.

Q – How long is your turnover time?

The short answer is 2-4 weeks for portrait sessions (4-8 weeks for weddings/large events). My turnover time varies depending on the season/time of year. My busiest time of year is September-December, so please consider this if you hope to schedule/receive pictures within a certain time frame, especially for holiday or senior pictures. This time in particular, books up many months in advance.

Q – How many images can I expect in my gallery?

The answer depends upon the type of session as well as how many people are a part of it. Newborn sessions typically contain 20+ images, sessions of toddlers and children 30+, and sessions of families yield 40+.

Q – Why am I unable to view all of my images from the session?

I know that some photographers allow this but that is not my policy. My feeling is that if you have seen my work and you have chosen me to photograph your weddings, your newborn baby, and your family then you should trust that I will provide you with images that you will love and cherish forever.

Q – Can I purchase the rights to my gallery?

Yes, I do allow clients to purchase print releases and "full rights" for their images. This gives you permission to print your images wherever you like. However, I am not responsible for the quality of the prints that you have printed through any other lab but my own. Purchasing the print release does not give you permission to edit or manipulate the images in any way; or enter the images into any sort of contests without my consent. I do not allow clients to have original (RAW) files. Please see the "licensing" page for more information on available licenses.

Q – What should I wear?

A – The answer really depends upon the client, the time of year, location, and your expectations for the session which is why it is always best to discuss them in the time leading up to your session. The more I know about your expectations, the more likely I will be able to achieve them. If you want to bring your own props, that is great! I am all for it! Please, just let me know beforehand (especially for in studio newborn sessions) so that I can plan it into your session. Please note: some types of clothing and makeup do not photograph well. Before your session, we can discuss any possible issues we may run into with wardrobe and makeup choices.

Q – How do I schedule a session?

All sessions need to be scheduled online via my booking page. Please provide all of your information, including email and phone number (so I can contact you before the session). There is also a section to provide notes about what you would like to discuss prior to the session. For security reasons, I no longer book new appointments by phone, message or email. However, please feel free to contact me prior to booking, with any questions.

Q – How long do you hold on to the files?

After your images are edited, I will remove raw files from memory cards and my computer within one month after your gallery has been delivered and viewed. I hold onto all edited images for 3 months for photo sessions and 6 months for weddings. If you purchase digital rights, it is important that you backup your files, more than once if possible. I shoot thousands of images per month and need to make sure that I have space available for all sessions which is why I have to remove files after a certain duration of time has passed.

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