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Q – Where are you located?

I am located in Soda Springs, ID. (Southeast Idaho)

Q – Will you travel?

Absolutely. I love to travel. Contact me for travel inquiries and rates.

Q – What photography do you specialize in?

I love doing landscape art and creative portraits. For portraits, I photograph a lot of people of all different ages. I do consider myself more of a natural light photographer and try to shoot outside, when possible... but will use artificial lighting while working in my studio.

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It's been a couple of months since the last "Before and After" post. Things have been so busy, but I've been wanting to post something on my website and Instagram showing some editing. This time, I'm going to try some sliders. And, hopefully, they will display on mobile devices the same as they display on PC/Mac (as so many of my visitors are using mobile displays). *Just click the middle of a photo and slide to the left or right to reveal the entire picture.

This first one was a recent photo taken in Old Town Pocatello, ID. I took my son and his friend for a little "walkabout" to take some city photos. When I passed by this scene, I thought to myself, "This would look cool if it was night...with the street lamps lit." Unfortunately, it was mid-day and I couldn't wait around until night. Although over-cast, the original photo is just an ordinary and boring day photo. The "after" gives you an idea of how we can simulate night scenes and give those shots that we would normally toss, an interesting look.

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A la carte pricing = transparency. Unlike offering packages of prints that are filled with print sizes that go unused, this pricing model ensures that you are only purchasing print sizes that are useful and that you really want. 

How it works...

In the booking section above, there is a selection of the most common session types. You can select a session to view what is included.

The session fee covers: acquiring and setting up all equipment necessary for your session (camera, lenses, lighting equipment, studio equipment, location scouting), business expenses (materials, insurance, accounting, credit card processing, bank fees, professional equipment), professional editing (exposure, cropping, sharpening, color grading, removing blemishes, touch-ups, professional software) and a basic wage for myself to cover the session and post-processing time. *Professional editing (or post-processing) of session photos does NOT include: fixing makeup mistakes, changing backgrounds, adding or removing people or objects, repairing hair issues, repairing suntan lines, removing bruises, large stains, fixing chipped nail polish, etc. However, I am willing to fix these issues for a cost of $25 per hour of editing time. *Please note: I do a lot of artistic digital manipulations. If I think that one or more of your photos might benefit from a little something "extra," (for promotional purposes, etc.) I might spend extra time working on it, at no additional cost to you.

Unless otherwise agreed to or advertised, your session does not include prints, a copy of all of your images or digital downloads (however some sessions might offer some free downloads as a promotion). If your session DOES come with digital downloads, what you are getting is a FREE personal use license (please read the Licensing Terms before booking a session) and a low-resolution file that can be used on social media or other websites, for Personal Use Only (please also read the Copyright Policy). Your downloads do not contain a watermark and session clients are not required to provide a link back to the Photographer or this website (however, shout-outs are much appreciated!). If you wish to purchase digital downloads, they are for sale in your gallery.

Prints: I use a professional lab to process all of my printing for clients. Links can be found under individual images in your gallery. If you wish to have prints made yourself from another printing company, you may do so (however, I can not be responsible or assist with color profile issues, cropping issues or any damages caused by the printing company). A Printing License must be purchased to obtain files ready for print. Printing licenses for individual and bulk files can be purchased in client galleries. *All files will be original size, 300 ppi, with attached color profile. Many companies will not (and should not) duplicate copyrighted material without an accompanying license. Please email me if you have any questions or if you are having issues with online purchasing.

Sessions: Regular sessions are booked in blocks of one hour (or 30 minutes for a "mini" session). If you require a longer session, an extra hour can be purchased for $75 (does not include Events, Weddings, etc.). When you book online, your credit card information will be obtained to book the session. You must give a 24 hour notice to cancel your appointment, or a 2-hour notice to reschedule. If you are a "no-show" or do not cancel/reschedule within those time frames, a $50 fee will be charged to the credit card used to book the appointment. All sessions must be booked online (I can not book a session for you by email/text/phone request). This is to ensure the financial protection, safety and transparency of both parties, should any issues arise. I use Square to book appointments and process payments. An additional sign up/sign in may be required to enter you into the Square system (your information is not collected on this site) and is done at the time of booking, or if you wish to make changes/review your booking. Credit cards or cash is accepted during your session as payment (no checks, please).

I do not offer makeup or wardrobe services. Please come fully prepared for your session with makeup and hair complete, wardrobe selected, accessories and check to make sure nails are groomed (see above reference to post-processing). *Please note: Certain clothing, accessories, makeup, etc, doesn't always look the way we hope in photographs. Any makeup with glitter will show up as white dots on your images, I do not recommend wearing it...also, mascara clumps are difficult to fix in post-processing. Looking fresh and natural always looks best on camera! When in doubt, please feel free to contact me prior to your session so we can discuss any concerns. If you require photos with hair up and down, please arrive with your hair up for the first shots (it is easier to start with it up, rather than try to fix it later). Because of time constraints, we will need to move quickly between locations and wardrobe changes. Bringing a stylist or friend with you can be helpful. Do realize that the nature of on-location shoots may require you to change clothing in a car or public restroom (if available). I try to carry a blanket in my car, but you may wish to bring one for this purpose.

I LOVE pets! And, yes you are welcome to bring a pet to your session. I also do pet portraits!

Before your session, we will have a free consultation to discuss locations and the type of look you are trying to achieve in your images. If you have sample images, photos of wardrobe, etc, please email those to me prior to your session.

After your session is complete, please allow up to 3 weeks for post-processing (during the busy season). All images will be presented to you in an online gallery. I try my best to match color-styles to the type of session and to offer different looks to choose from. If you require minimal changes, those will be provided at no extra charge. *Printing Services also take additional time, so please be aware of this, if you are on a tight schedule.

Travel: I will travel a maximum of 30 miles from my business location (Soda Springs, ID), free of charge (unless I am doing a promotion). Travel by car in excess of 30 miles will be charged at a rate of $50 per hour (according to Google maps travel time). All round-trip travel (by car or plane), tickets and accommodations are the responsibility of the client and must be agreed to, in writing, prior to the session (please see TERMS).

FREE/Discount Sessions: From time to time, I will offer a free or discounted session (whether for promotion, TFP or based on client needs). All sessions, regardless of price, will follow the same terms, as described above (unless otherwise mutually agreed upon in writing).


The main goal of my business to is provide professional photos, at reasonable prices...and, to provide services in an honest and open way. I do not believe in hidden fees. When you book a session with me, you will know upfront where your money is going. I keep my gallery on this website updated so clients can see my work and decide if I am the best photographer for their needs. I ask lots of questions and welcome the same. Please contact me with any questions or concerns, either on this website or on Messenger.

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