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Go Viral and Make a Living

What do shopping haulers, Nigahiga, and the Khan Academy, have in common? They are all accidental YouTube entrepreneurs. They started out as individuals sharing videos on YouTube just for fun or for a small group of friends and family. As their videos gained viewers, followers and fans, YouTube made them part of the YouTube Partners program. The popular video bloggers, or vloggers, turned their past-time into a money making venture.

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Wedding photography has been common for years, and probably one of the first reasons to invent picture taking. While some aspects of this type of photography have always been constant, what have not stayed the same have been wedding photography methods and styles. Here, we want to explore just how things have changed over the years. We will also touch upon how some things pertaining to wedding photography have always been the same. If you are planning a wedding soon, please take a second to read this article.

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Photo by Mohamed Almari from Pexels

Combining media asset management with advanced photo editing capabilities, ACDSee Ultimate serves as a one-stop shop for amateur and professional photographers seeking a way to optimize workflows and boost productivity. As an all-in-one solution offering RAW photo editing capabilities, it is with you every step of the way from the moment you first snap a photo to the moment it's ready for final presentation. No longer will you need to work with multiple applications to manage your digital assets, edit your photos and prepare your images for release.

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