Hi! My name is Rhonda Ravenkamp. I'm a professional photographer, web designer and owner of Studio | KampOC. I'm originally from Southern California, now living in rural Idaho. I am a single mother of 2 boys (one who's all grown up and still living in California, and one who's a teenager...yikes!). I have an extensive background in web design, professional management (both general and talent), modeling and real estate. I've owned many hats and continue to grow everyday...but through it all, photography has been my one true passion, my love... It's my calling and something I'm happy to say....my profession!


I have often been asked what "KampOC" means... The name "KampOC" came from a photography and web design company I used to own and dissolved in 2012. The "Kamp" is from my last name and something we have often called ourselves, "The Kamps." And, the "OC" was for Orange County, where I used to live. It just came naturally to me in deciding what to call my business when starting it up again (with one minor change).

I have always loved taking and being in photos, but became serious about photography in 2005, after getting my first DSLR and experimenting with creative shots. I am most interested in and LOVE to shoot anything that I find interesting and different...especially if it's old, weathered and has history. I specialize in rural photography, landscapes, digital artwork and unique portraits, with a focus on creativity and fine details. I have completed coursework with a focus on advanced photography and web design. I hold memberships at Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP). Through Getty Images, my work has been published on several editorial pieces by the Associated Press. I have also published my work in many galleries across the net (listed below) and on several social media sites (links at the top of this website).

My friends call me "Crickett"... I'm a punk-rock-gardening (often nerdy) girl who is hopelessly in love with 80's music. I have a disarmingly fun and outgoing personality. I see the beauty in life, even when it's messy. I believe that it's the difficult times that help us learn and grow. I'm super inquisitive and ask a lot of questions during portrait sessions. I like to get to know the people I work with so I can try to capture their "true self" in photos. Images that display the emotion and rawness in life, are what I'm most touched by and drawn to. I think it's important for photos to tell a story and make us feel something when we look at them...to make us want to know more.



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